The Nightmare is Over: The Real refs will be back tonight

Though it completely sucks that a blown call(s) leading to a heartbreaking Packers loss presumably served as the catalyst, is reporting that the NFLRA and NFL have finally come to an agreement, officially ending the lockout of the regular referees, who will return to work this evening’s Baltimore-Cleveland match-up.

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Kill Screen’s review of Infinity Blade is deep, clever, slightly depressing, and supremely artsy

… Which is hardly surprising as the magazine brands itself as a “videogame arts and culture company.”

I know I am late to the party, but I am reticent to spend money on iOS games and apps, partly because paid apps and games are often offered for free, in an attempt to either climb the “Top Charts” or to rope more people to make in-app purchases, and partly because spending any money on such shallow, fleeting experiences to me seems like a waste (more on that below and perhaps expanded upon in a different post… some day). However, I was recently gifted an iTunes gift card, and have been snatching up paid games, which  I know have not been offered free in the past, as they are put on sale (even strictly paid and popular apps drop to $.99 once in a while).  Continue reading

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“The Onion” foretold Travis Goethel’s horrible night at long snapper

Travis Goethel had a long night in the Raiders’ 2012 debut versus the San Diego Chargers, committing two botched snaps and contributing to a blocked punt after starting long-snapper Jon Condo left the game with an injury to the head. Goethel is a linebacker by trade, and has been serving as a backup for the position since being drafted by the Raiders in 2010. But when the Raiders’ only long-snapper went down (though I don’t believe any NFL team keeps a spot on the limited 53-man roster for a backup long snapper), Oakland’s contingency plan involved thrusting the second-stringer, who has reportedly not snapped in a game since high school, into the Monday Night spotlight. Continue reading

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There are two sides to even the Space Invaders’ story

You monster. You boot up your Atari 2600 (or iPhone) and begin blasting away at those amalgamations of pixels with abandon. Not a moment’s hesitation to sit back and ponder that perhaps these foreign creatures, who we are so quick to xenophobically label as “Invaders,” might have parents that love them and hopes and dreams which they aspire to achieve. Continue reading

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Teen lives out my gaming dream, ruins it by not drinking enough

A 15-year-old from Columbus, Ohio was hospitalized after playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for four days straight. The teen only left his room to take a quick shower and grab some snacks. Unfortunately, those snacks did not comprise liquids, and the boy collapsed a number of times as a result of severe dehydration.

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