Here we go…

Why hello there. Nice of you to stop by. Grab yourself a coffee or a beer, depending on the time of day (or regardless of the hour, if that’s how you roll,) and allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Gadi. A good friend of mine – to protect his anonymity, let’s call him Falex Strange (no relation to Hugo that I am aware of) – implored me to start a blog, to serve as, in his words, a creative outlet. I had thought about this before, you know, due to my megalomania, but always nixed the idea with the realization that no one would read it. Perhaps that negates my ability to be megalomaniacal, unless it’s false modesty designed to rope you in while I devise a way to incorporate you into my plan for world domination.

Anywho, Falex, whose stuff you can read here, urged me to start a blog after a lengthy email exchange about video games. The clincher was, he preempted my argument (“I know you’ll give me many reasons why not, no time, never any time, etc etc.”) and explained that he believed creative outlets were important to one’s health. But what makes a blog an outlet if no one reads it? I thought. Well Falex had an answer to that as well (“I would tweet your posts and help you get the word out, but the point would be more to give yourself an outlet [as] I strongly believe everyone needs as many outlets in their lives that energize them … as possible.”) I had dabbled in something similar, opening a Twitter account that was political in nature, and though I did have followers, it ended up being more of an aggravation than an outlet. I hope the difference here is that this will evolve into more of a zen space, where I can write about my passions that enable me to relax. Ultimately, Falex is a very wise man (as people named Falex tend to be,) and I would thus be reticent to ignore his advice, even if he is likely to be my only reader (if he makes it past this first post that is.)

So what are those aforementioned passions which I hope to discuss here on a semi-regular basis? As the title suggests, the diversions that let me escape from the grind, at least momentarily – video games, tech, and sports. I am sure I will veer off topic here and there, but hey, I am sure my hoards of readers will understand. That being said, I did have fun making that logo up top there, so I gotta admit Fal, it’s already working!


One thought on “Here we go…

  1. So proud and honored, welcome, Gadi, to the blogosphere! I anxiously await your future posts.

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