Quick Review: Blogger vs. WordPress

So I am starting a blog. The first thing I need to do is find a blogging service to host it. The only two that stuck out in my mind were Google’s Blogger and WordPress. If there are other services, good on these two as they got the word out or captured enough of the market that I couldn’t think of any others.

It’s clear I chose WordPress, so I’d thought I’d give a rundown of the respective pros and cons of each that led to that decision, in order of importance:


+ Clean-looking templates

+ Had my 3rd choice of domain available

+ No toolbar embedded at the top

+ Easily customized

Another website to create a login for

Cannot profit from advertising with a free account (you know, for when I have millions of readers and want to monetize the site)


+ Uses your Google ID

+ Simple to use

+ Google AdSense, the no-brain-required method of monetizing your site available to all accounts

Didn’t have any of the the domain names I wanted available (probably due to being around for so long)

Not easily customized

No iPad app (seriously, who writes blog posts on their iPhones?)

Toolbar up top

Bad memories. I had a Media and Politics class in college, and the teacher, who I suffered through listening to all semester and forced us to complete assignments on Blogger, gave me a C because Blogger replaced a post with one before it. Jerkface.

So there you have it – that is why you find yourself at diversionist.wordpress.com, instead of .blogspot.com.

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