You can now get the Xbox 360 for the low price of $99*

Xbox for $99

We didn’t need to wait until E3 to verify rumors that Microsoft was going to offer a subscription-based Xbox 360 with a down-payment of $99. The Microsoft Store is offering a special coupon to bring into a B&M store, which I had no idea existed, to redeem for the privilege of paying $99 down (plus tax) and being locked into a 2-year commitment to pay for Xbox Live at $15 (plus tax) for an Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect. So if you’re one of those living in the general vicinity of one of these Sasquatchian retail outlets (anyone hailing from Bloomington, MN? Anyone?), want to dive into next-gen and motion gaming, and really dig amortizing costs, hop on over to a Microsoft Store right now! (And don’t forget the coupon. Or just bring the coupon number. Actually, I am sure they will honor the offer if you just mention it.)

…Good, you’re still here, because you’re not a sucker (or you live far away from Bloomington, MN). The above offer ends up costing $459 (plus tax), but the maximum that paying for these items and service separately will cost you is $420, in many instances without tax depending on the combination of retailer/state. Amazon already sells both items for significantly cheaper, so I’ll just jot down the links for you in case you were really considering the subscription: Xbox 4GB and Kinect and Xbox Live (remember to buy two, but you could amortize the cost by, you know, waiting a year.) Total: $381. Not having to interact with humans: priceless.

[Microsoft Store]

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