Review: Amazing Breaker for iPhone

For my inaugural game review, I decided to look at a game that has been keeping me from tackling the dozens of other quality games in my iOS backlog, Dekovir’s Amazing Breaker

Amazing Breaker is similar to Bust-A-Move in that you launch a projectile from the bottom of the screen in an attempt to clear the board. But that is where the similarities end. The board in Amazing Breaker comprises a design made of glass (or ethereal glass-like material — alas, the game has no accompanying fiction). The goal is to pass the level by breaking a minimum percentage, usually 90%, of the glass structure using a variety of bombs. As is standard for many iOS games, you are awarded up to three stars once breaking the minimum percentage threshold, with 3 stars being awarded only in the event you manage to clear 100% of the structure. Some bombs are able to discharge gems, which, when placed sufficiently near each other, link up to enable a chain reaction once one of the gems is detonated.

My completionist personality has long been immunized to the average iOS game, as I can only obsessively aim to achieve 3 stars so many times, and, with a catalog of nearly 500 iOS games (all except one of which I picked up when they were offered for free in iTunes), that has been too many times. But the overall experience of playing the Amazing Breaker is extremely cathartic. Imagine if you could walk into a china shop (bull optional) and just start chucking glasses and plates all over the place, worry-free. Now picture the same scenario with bombs. The graphics and sound in Amazing Breaker replicate the experience of blowing up glass in a very convincing manner. Add to that what I call the “female voice of positive reinforcement” extolling your work with a “Great Job!” or “Superb Performance!”, along with a relaxing soundtrack, and it’s no wonder I find myself striving to clear each stage of every speck of glass.

That catharsis can be interrupted by ridding the level of 99% of the glass with only a tiny speck remaining. But after a while you learn that implementing the best strategy is the only way to achieve success. Oh and this game does require strategy. There are often bombs hidden within level which can only be picked up by detonating an explosion nearby, and they are almost always essential to completing the level. You can also switch the two foremost bombs in your arsenal, which adds another level of strategy to the proceedings.

Amazing Breaker successfully blends not-overly challenging gameplay with a relaxing, cathartic experience to effectively cause my completionist itch to resurface, and is thus a game I will keep coming back to until all of the levels are three-starred. You can pick up Amazing Breaker for $0.99 at the App Store.

Amazing Breaker – iTunes

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2 thoughts on “Review: Amazing Breaker for iPhone

  1. Just downloaded it and am really enjoying it! Thanks!

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