Which video-playing device reigns supreme?

Rumors are flying around about Apple’s foray into manufacturing its own HDTV, while Google is gearing up to relaunch Google TV and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 keeps adding video-content services to be viewed using Xbox Live. But which device does the average Joe use to consume his video?

According to a report by Freewheel, a company serving ads for online video, and as reported by AllThingsD, the Xbox 360 currently leads the pack in terms of devices, other than a standard computer, used to consume video. As you see in the below chart, the Xbox beat out all of Apple’s products, and is well ahead of anything running Google’s Android OS.

It should be noted that only views of monetized video content were included in these figures, as that is what is pertinent for a company such as Freewheel. Views of Netflix and YouTube video, a big portion of content consumed by viewers, are thus not represented. Had those figures been included though, I am sure the results would have been similar, as most people browse YouTube directly on their computer anyways and the Xbox has a YouTube app, and, according to Nielson, more people use the Xbox than any other of the above non-computer devices to stream Netflix. In fact, a good number of my friends on Xbox Live are using Netflix each time I log on.

One thing is certain from the above figures: as the war for the living room heats up, the Xbox looks to be in a good position.

[Freewheel via AllThingsD]

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