Nielson: The majority of us use smartphones, and we’re all downloading lots of apps

Nielsen, which apparently does more than just provide us with TV viewership statistics, is reporting that half of the cell phones on the US market are now smartphones, up from just 38% last year, and that the average smartphone is loaded with 41 apps as compared to 32 in 2011, a full 28% increase. Though a significant 88% of smartphone users have downloaded an app within 30 days of the report, I kind of find it hard to believe it isn’t closer to 100%, as I download an app at least once or twice a week. Though considering I have hundreds of apps on my iPhone, and many more languishing in iTunes, I must be on the upper end of the spectrum.

In conjunction with the increase in smartphone penetration, the report mentions that the number of Android & iOS users has more than doubled in the past year. It would seem Windows phones and RIM’s BlackBerries are not contributing as much to the increase in overall smartphone users, and in fact are being replaced by Android and Apple devices, which is not very surprising.

Also, one of the top five apps is Google Search. If you are an iOS user contributing to those numbers, let me save you some space on your homescreen, as Safari can’t be deleted and is a perfectly capable browser:

And no, Google Goggles barely works and is cool for about 7 seconds.

[Nielsen via Engadget]

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