Tebowing to be featured in Madden ’13

Get ready Broncos Jets fans, as you will get your chance to emulate your favorite starting backup QB’s celebration and pre-game ritual this summer. It has been confirmed that the new Megatron-laden iteration of console gaming’s only football title will include Tebowing, Tim Tebow’s signature celebration which comprises dropping on one knee and bringing a closed fist near the forehead.

Seeing as the source of this information is a short tweet by Madden Creative Director Michael Young, it is unclear whether every player in the game will be able to perform the celebratory act, or if it will be restricted to the Jets’ new Red Zone miracle-worker. One thing’s for sure: Aaron Rodgers Tebowing would be down-right sacrilegious.

[Operation Sports via Kotaku]

[Image Source: Clemed]

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4 thoughts on “Tebowing to be featured in Madden ’13

  1. Megadeth619 says:

    Reblogged this on Gabler's Ol' Tyme Sportsman Blog and commented:
    I must say, I do not know what to say about this. Awesome because it’s Tebow but lame because it’s cheesy. I like cheese though.

  2. ab says:

    how about doing the Calvin Johnson against the Packers… oh wait everyone can score a touchdown on Madden!

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