Honda produces indoor mobility device, does away with extraneous calorie-burning

How annoying is it to have to walk all the way to the fridge to retrieve a beer from the fridge during a football game? Or to stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night, with the ever-present danger of stubbing one or more toes in the dark? If your answer to these questions was “very”, and you desire to abolish any semblance of exercise in your life, Honda has some good news for you.

The Japanese company has unveiled the UNI-CUB, a new “personal  mobility device” which works like a compact Segway, being controlled based on shifts in the weight of the user. Unlike the Segway, the user is able to manipulate the device from a seated position. If leaning this way and that ends up being too much exertion, the small vehicle can also be controlled via mobile devices such as touch-screen smartphones. Though intended for large buildings like museums and airports, I don’t see why the device can’t be implemented in the home, especially considering use in an office setting is proposed by Honda in the above picture.

And that, my friends, is how Honda is bringing us one step closer to a Wall-E-like future:

[Honda via Coolest Gadgets]

[Top Image Source: Honda]

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