iPhone thief unfamiliar with iCloud, provides photo evidence of unscrupulousness

I had a friend who refused to use his iPhone on the subway, as he didn’t want it snatched away by a would-be mugger. Though I don’t go to that extreme, I do live in constant fear of my beloved device being stolen or, more likely in my case, misplaced. Should such an unfortunate situation occur, I can only hope the thief is as unfamiliar with iOS 5 and iCloud as Nelson, pictured above.

Nelson, identified by his name-tag in pictures posted to Katy McCaffrey’s Photo Stream, pilfered Katy’s iPhone on a Disney Cruise, but forgot to disable the feature that automatically uploads new photos to the cloud. Katy could only sit back and watch as various pictures of Nelson and his buddies were uploaded. Ultimately, she decided to create and share an album of Nelson-and-friends’ adventures on Facebook, with the small hope that she could somehow retrieve her phone after contacting Disney.

The story has a happy ending, as TUAW is reporting that Disney has retrieved the stolen iPhone and placed Nelson on administrative leave while they investigate the situation.

[Facebook via NPR via TUAW]

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