Watch your favorite Arkham City characters being brought to life

When casting the voice actors for Batman: Arkham Asylum and the followup, Batman: Arkham City, developer Rocksteady turned to the actors from Batman: The Animated Series for an added dose of authenticity. It also didn’t hurt that Kevin Conroy and former Jedi Mark Hamill perform the best renditions of Batman and Joker, respectively.

In the developer diary below, Rocksteady pulls back the curtain on voice-recording sessions for a few scenes from my personal game of the year/decade/century. Hamill in particular really gets into his character, which might account for his ability to embody the most harrowing version of the Joker this side of The Dark Knight. As Joker’s face twists into a grotesque grin as he initiates an extended cackle, so too do Hamill’s eyes bulge and lips curl. Truly the stuff of awesome nightmares.

Catch the video, containing minor plot-point spoilers, below:

[Youtube: BatmanArkhamCity via Joystiq]

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