Thermite barrels, plotanium bullets, and other video game realities

More so than in other media, gamers are asked to suspend their disbelief in a number of ways in order to provide an interactive experience that goes beyond passively watching the plot unfold. For example, in video games, every red barrel tends blow up if hit with a stray or targeted bullet, first-aid kits miraculously heal any ailment and bring the protagonist back from the brink of death, and drinking a bottle of alcohol causes immediate, temporary dizziness and blurred vision.

The folks over at VentureBeat were not content with just accepting these idiosyncrasies, and decided to examine each break from reality in an attempt to explain the mechanisms behind your favorite video game mechanics. They assert that the flammable barrels in video game worlds, which tend to be red, appear as such because they are coated with a layer of paint containing high concentrations of iron oxide. Further complicating the matter, all of these barrels contain an aluminum alloy. When the barrel is hit with a bullet, enough heat is generated to cause a reaction between the chemical substances and, well, BOOM! Lucky for you, antagonists love to use such inefficiently produced barrels as cover.

Check out more explanations of video-game quirks at the link below.


[Image Source: GiantBomb]

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