New “mature-themed” Star Wars game officially announced

LucasArts has officially announced its newest title, Star Wars 1313. The name is derived from Level 1313 of Coruscant, a “dark and mature” criminal underworld located deep beneath the surface of the planet. Players will be able to control a bounty-hunter, using an array weaponry and skills to hunt down and take out marks while unraveling a criminal conspiracy. According to the press release, “Star Wars 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we’ve always known existed, but never had a chance to visit.”

As pointed out over at Joystiq, the teaser image above features a shuttle and Tie Fighters from the original trilogy, so it would seem that at least a portion of the game is relegated to that period of the Star Wars saga.

More details will be provided at E3, which kicks off this coming Tuesday.

[ via Joystiq]

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7 thoughts on “New “mature-themed” Star Wars game officially announced

  1. ibraryunus says:

    I hope it get’s released for PC!

    • Gadi says:

      Yeah, usually Star Wars games get released for every platform imaginable, i.e. X360, PS3, PC, Vita, 3DS, PSP, NDS, mobile, etc., but in this case with the mature rating they may not to water down the franchise as much. I would definitely expect a PC release along with the Xbox 360 and PS3, though.

  2. dailystripsbyhamza says:

    Ooh, looks cool. They could stick Star Wars on poop and I’d buy it.

  3. […] After a simple press release and a few teaser images, LucasArts thought it best to skip the usual CG trailer and show off some gameplay and in-game cutscenes of their new title Star Wars 1313 to GameTrailers. Though brief, the gameplay snippets exhibit some platforming elements and cover-based shooting mechanics. I apologize in advance for the host. […]

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