Check out the first in-game footage of Star Wars 1313

After a simple press release and a few teaser images, LucasArts thought it best to skip the usual CG trailer and show off some gameplay and in-game cutscenes of their new title Star Wars 1313 to GameTrailers. Though brief, the gameplay snippets exhibit some platforming elements and cover-based shooting mechanics. I apologize in advance for the host.

I was particularly underwhelmed by the platforming section. Though graphically intense, it doesn’t look like the player is tasked with much more than moving about with the analog stick, and maybe pressing the A/X button here and there. I could be wrong, but based on what I see here, I wouldn’t be surprised if the platforming sections ended up being akin to one long quicktime event.

The cover-based shooting mechanics seem to be par for the course, implementing the Gears of War control scheme within the Star Wars universe, which is not a bad thing. There ostensibly is some cool weaponry to be utilized as promised by the press release, but the gameplay footage quickly shows off only one. Such an array of options to be used during combat should definitely spice up the proceedings.

Overall, the graphics and lighting look good, but I can see Level 1313, part of the underground foundation of Coruscant, being a pretty drab environment to play through, and this footage is not quelling that fear.

Of course all these are judgments being made based on around a minute of in-game footage. I am sure we’ll see more as E3 progresses, and be better able to determine whether or not the above issues are indeed cause for concern.

[YouTube: NameThatCar via Joystiq]

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