Madden is about to get real

In the lead-up to E3, EA Sports has confirmed that Madden 13 will be implementing the Infinity Engine. As you can see at the end of the above Ray-Lewis themed trailer, the new real-time physics engine will enable more realistic interactions between players’ bodies, resulting in higher fidelity in tackling, blocking, and running animations.

“Animations” is actually a bit of a misnomer, as that is a relic of the old Madden. On offense, upon contacting — or more often than not, being in the general vicinity of —  an opposing player, a tackling and falling animation would be triggered for the two players, respectively. On defense, “suction-blocking” was a common phenomenon, wherein the a defensive player would appear to be quickly sucked into the hands of an offensive lineman or fullback. On both sides of the ball, players would pass through each other or tangle each other up without even touching. Though the animations improved with each iteration of the franchise, they were still only animations, hardly dynamic and breaking the immersion. Players unconsciously began planning for the next play once the animation was triggered.

By implementing the new Infinity Engine, Madden 13 should ostensibly be more unpredictable, and every play should progress with the opportunity to shed blocks, break tackles, and struggle to gain more yards or reach the quarterback.

Of course, it could also result in ridiculous yet comical bugs as with FIFA 12’s Impact Engine, which would break the immersion factor and make you wish for those old stilted animations of yore. Here’s hoping it’s the former case. Check out an explanation of the new tech and more footage of the engine in the below video.

[YouTube: EA Sports]

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3 thoughts on “Madden is about to get real

  1. ab says:

    I am excited to see how much cooler Calvin Johnson will be scoring touchdowns against a pourous Packers defense…

    • Gadi says:

      you mean watching (expected) newly-appointed safety Charles Woodson swatting down and intercepting all his passes? yeah, thought so.

  2. ab says:

    CW is a UM boy.. Heisman trophy winner and all… so I can never talk ill of CW… however, he is getting a little old.

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