Decade-long Civ II game has largely involved war, war, and more war

Redditor Lycerius has been playing a game of Civilization II for 10 years now, and the world existing within the game is quite dystopian. Constant nuclear war has ravaged the game world, leaving only three super-nations — the Celts (controlled by Lycerius), the Vikings, and the Americans — to compete for the little resources that remain. A 1700 year war has been perpetuated by the Vikings, who launch an attack or a nuclear warhead on each turn, even after treaties are signed or the U.N. intervenes.

The Vikings and Americans are theocracies, and the Celts are a communist state. Lycerius explains that he tried out democracy around 1000 years ago, but his motions for war were always shot down by the Senate, putting him at a disadvantage with respect to the blood-thirsty Vikings who would simply launch an attack on the next turn.

All cities are more like tiny towns, the inhabitants of which are starving due to all resources being earmarked for the war effort. Further, the numerous nuclear wars have resulted in the ice caps melting over 20 times (no one said Civ was scientifically accurate), leaving a world of mountains and irradiated swamps, compounding the problems for the virtual world’s population.

Needless to say, this state of affairs has thoroughly bummed Lycerius out. Initially, he/she enlisted the help of fellow redditors to help end the war and bring peace and prosperity to the ravaged world. Not only has Lycerius received hundreds of responses on the initial thread, but an entire subreddit has been devoted to the crisis — if you are adept at playing Civ II, join the effort and offer your suggestions to ending the eternal war here.

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One thought on “Decade-long Civ II game has largely involved war, war, and more war

  1. Epic to say the least. This is why I play (in every version of the game since Civ II) with standard rules, where game ends after X amount of turns.

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