Justin Tuck apparently thinks he is a hockey goalie

Perhaps Justin Tuck has begun to fantasize about moving into a new professional sport after closely following the L.A. Kings’ roll to their first Stanley Cup victory. Or perhaps he’s been watching the Silence of the Lambs too many times. Either way, Tuck’s new facemask for the 2012 season, in the above image from Uni-Watch’s Twitter feed, looks completely foreign to the sport he plays.

As NFL.com explains, Tuck maintains that opposing players attempt to aggravate a nagging neck injury by grabbing his facemask and twisting. His helmet was already beefed up last season with more crossbars to prevent such attacks, but the addition of the diagonal bars should make it even harder for opposing players to grasp the mask, and make them sorry if they do manage to hook onto it.

Whether these alleged attacks are real or in his head, perhaps Tuck should just remove the facemask altogether. There would be nothing to grab, and as an opposing quarterback, I am sure seeing Tuck’s ferocious visage bearing down on me would effectively scare the bejesus out of me.

[Twitter: Uni-Watch via NFL.com]

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