You will never see World 1-1 the same way again

Super Modern Mario Bros. attempts to bring the mostly cheery and benign gameplay of the classic platformer into the 21st century where ultra-violent first-person shooters reign supreme.Gone is the upbeat chiptune that we all know and love and have used as our ringtone at some point. Instead, Mario’s heavy footsteps and the pulverization of Goomba flesh eerily permeate the ambient environment. Also represented is the real-world peril of jumping off a ledge so as to grab onto a vertical flagpole.  I think I am going to go play the original Super Mario Bros. now. That, or hide under the covers.

Freddie Wong has also brought Mario’s World 1-1 into the realm of the modern multiplayer FPS. Check out his version below:

[YouTube: DeloixFreddieW]

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