Life-sized Hot Wheels Double-Dare Loop built, conquered

Someone apparently was reading my mind at six-years-old and decided it would be awesome to build a life-sized Hot Wheels Double-Dare Loop, and then have stunt drivers attempt to weather the loop without falling upon reaching its apex. This past weekend, stunt drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy took to the track at the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles and successfully passed through the 66-foot-high loop without falling into a giant safety net, and subsequently landed a sizable jump upon exiting the loop. Travelling at a precisely calculated 52 MPH for the duration, the two drivers were subjected to 7 Gs of force.

ESPN has produced a video detailing the physics behind this record-breaking feat. Good thing they flattened out the end of the loop in the life-sized version and added the platform after the jump. If the life-sized version would have mirrored my play sessions as a kid, the start of the track would have been constructed atop a giant kitchen counter, and Foust and Tracy would have fallen to their deaths on a giant linoleum floor tile.

[YouTube: XGames via Wired]

[Image Source: Lindsey Boice, Mattel via Wired]

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