Man converses with 12-year-old self, hilarity ensues

Considering 12-year-old Jeremiah McDonald never encountered the Internet, he could not have known that his 32-year-old counterpart would be able to so easily share a video of himself chatting with his future self with the masses. Luckily for us, the advent of the Internet and YouTube have made that possible, and the below video is the culmination of a quirky kid’s idea for killing some time having grown into a full-fledged time capsule. I bet 12-year-old Jeremiah would be shocked to know that they’re still making new episodes of Doctor Who, kids are still bugging their parents to buy them Star Wars toys, and people still sit in front of cameras and record themselves to kill time — only now with the expectation that other people will tune in.

[YouTube: WeepingProphet via ViralViralVideos via Gizmodo]

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