Report: Kindle Fire 2 with enhanced screen to be launched imminently

Now that Google has launched a tablet to directly compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Amazon is preparing its answer to the higher specs of the Nexus 7. Adding fuel to the fire (forgive the pun), rumors relating to a smaller, cheaper iPad are also swirling about, increasing the urgency for Amazon to step up its game in order to remain the king of the 7″ content-centric tablet market.

AllThingsD is reporting that a source has informed that the Kindle Fire 2, or however it may be called, will be released late in the third quarter, or sometime in late August to September for us non-business folk. The new iteration of the Kindle Fire will reportedly have an enhanced screen sporting a 1280×800 resolution, which would match the Nexus 7’s display. In addition, like the Nexus 7, the next Kindle Fire will be provided with a built-in camera, presumably front-facing for video chatting. And though it might not even seem possible, especially with the beefed-up display, the new Kindle Fire will be thinner and lighter than the original.

Should these improvements be accompanied by a faster processor, more RAM, and an improved fork of the Android OS, the Kindle Fire 2 will most definitely be prepared for battle with the Nexus 7 and a smaller iPad, should the latter see the light of day. And remember, Amazon has the unlimited content pipeline in Prime, which should be able to convince current Kindle Fire users to upgrade to the new version and attract newcomers to the 7″ content-centric tablet market.


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