12-year-old basketball prodigy offered Division I scholarship

While most kids his age are spending their summer at the community pool or summer camp, 12-year-old Damon Harge is training for a basketball career two to three times a day with the likes of reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving and first-round draft pick Nolan Smith. The 5’4″, 120 lb. phenom regularly mixes it up with top Division I prospects, who, despite being significantly taller and stronger, have trouble keeping up with the soon-to-be seventh grader. And now Harge has been offered what many of said prospects are still waiting for, a scholarship to a Division I school. 

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Harge has been offered a scholarship to North Carolina Central University after he graduates from high school — in 2018. One might think that’s jumping the gun, but after seeing the youngster take on older and more experienced players, NCCU coach LaVelle Moton was convinced this kid has got what it takes and felt that it was not too premature to make an offer to the young hoopster, whom he foresees being a future superstar.

Indeed, if Harge keeps up his training and manages to grow to the size of the average basketball player, it is hard to imagine that this kid won’t be a high-school and college superstar. According to the Yahoo! Sports article, Harge’s parents have turned away five agents offering their services to the young star via Facebook. As he progresses through the high school system, many other offers from top NCAA basketball programs will undoubtedly flood in. That being said, any number of unfortunate incidents or injuries can occur in the span of six years especially when sports are involved, so maybe he should just take the scholarship from NCCU and call it a day. Just ask Jared Sullinger.

[Yahoo! Sports]

[Image Source: ESPN.com]

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