FIFA 13 will hear your potty mouth using Kinect, and there will be repercussions

The below video outlines the new Kinect features in FIFA 13. The usual fare is there, like the ability to use voice commands to make substitutions, call formations, and call for the ball. As is the case with most tacked-on Kinect features, you’ll probably find that using the controller to make all these adjustments is far easier than getting the finicky peripheral to follow your commands. 

But towards the end of the video, a truly interesting feature is highlighted. Apparently, the Kinect will listen to your reaction to the refs’ calls, and though you won’t be carded for any foul language or the like, the game will take your response into consideration for future rulings, and your career mode will be impacted accordingly as well. This would seem to add a level of realism to the game, which would only be rivaled by a quicktime flopping event. Here’s hoping this feature doesn’t turn out to be bull*@#$!.

[YouTube: EA SPORTS Football via Joystiq]

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