Liberty City turns even the docile R2-D2 into a rampaging maniac

Thank goodness GTA IV was released on PC and was not a console-exclusive. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to experience the magic of modders like Taltigolt including their own assets in Liberty City. This mod has R2-D2, who is normally cute and cuddly when confined to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, losing his mind after falling from his starship (or jumping? maybe he really needed to see a droid psychiatrist beforehand.) Upon landing on the tough streets of Liberty City, R2 begins wandering the city’s Times Square doppelganger of Star Junction, tasting blood for the first time while plowing over unsuspecting humanoids. And then mayhem ensues.

Catch the video below. My favorite part comes at 1:29. And hang on through till the end for a surprise of epic proportions.

[YouTube: Taltigolt via Kotaku]

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