Samsung forced to admit that the Galaxy Tab is crap

In addition to the reveal of a bevy of Apple prototypes, the ongoing litigation between Apple and Samsung has resulted in another source of entertainment for tech enthusiasts. The Korean electronics giant is trying to convince jurors that the company’s designs are neither similar to nor inspired by Apple’s products, while the folks from Cupertino are arguing to the contrary. As SlashGear explains, one of Apple’s arguments against Samsung involves the high rate at which Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs were returned to Best Buy stores, purportedly because customers mistook them for Apple’s iPad. To counter this claim, Samsung conducted a survey among 30 Best Buy stores throughout the U.S. The results of the survey indicate that the top reason for returning the Galaxy Tab was that they were prone to malfunctioning. So essentially, the only way Samsung could dodge claims that they copied Apple’s design was to admit, in court and on the record, that the quality of their product was lacking. Yikes.

According to the survey, ultimately only 9% of returned Galaxy Tabs were exchanged for iPad 2s, and that still doesn’t mean all the 9% of customers mistook the Galaxy Tab for the iPad. They could have wanted to give the Galaxy Tab a shot for a plethora of reasons, and after using it for a short time, decided that the iPad 2 was more their speed.

The survey reveals that 25% of returns were due to malfunctions in the operating system, such as crashing applications and WiFi issues. At least this main reason doesn’t speak to the hardware side of things, such that the primary issue with the hardware manufacturer’s tablet arose from shoddy software, although anyone who has suffered through working with a poor OS can attest that this is indeed a big deal. However, 17% of customers returned their Galaxy Tabs because of short battery life and screen lag issues. That means the second most popular reason people returned the tablet was related to hardware issues, which is pretty embarrassing for an electronics manufacturer to divulge. At least they didn’t copy the iPad, right?


[Image Source: liewcf]

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