“The Onion” foretold Travis Goethel’s horrible night at long snapper

Travis Goethel had a long night in the Raiders’ 2012 debut versus the San Diego Chargers, committing two botched snaps and contributing to a blocked punt after starting long-snapper Jon Condo left the game with an injury to the head. Goethel is a linebacker by trade, and has been serving as a backup for the position since being drafted by the Raiders in 2010. But when the Raiders’ only long-snapper went down (though I don’t believe any NFL team keeps a spot on the limited 53-man roster for a backup long snapper), Oakland’s contingency plan involved thrusting the second-stringer, who has reportedly not snapped in a game since high school, into the Monday Night spotlight.

Taking that into consideration, Goethel’s performance at the position is not terribly surprising. What is bizarre is that The Onion, America’s favorite fictional news outlet*, effectively prophesied back in 2010, when Oakland drafted the young linebacker out of Arizona State, that long snapper was a position to be avoided for Goethel. The prediction, in a story asserting that Goethel would be starting as the Raiders’ first-string realtor, read thusly (emphasis added):

“Goethel claimed to be satisfied with the team’s decision, saying it was far better than being asked to switch to car dealer, casino greeter, or long snapper.”

Guess they were right. Chilling stuff.


[The Onion via Wikipedia]

[Image Source: Bleacher Report]

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